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Specialist procedures now exist for bringing a claim if you have been injured in a road traffic accident. We can help you throught the maze of rules and requirements and get you the right amount of compensation. More than that, we will help you on the road to recovery; helping you find treatment if necessary and doing everything we can to help with your rehabilitation.



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  • Help with your rehabilitation

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We have over 30 years experience of specialist road accident claims. Whether the injury has been big or small we have helped literally thousands of innocent accident victims to a successful outcome and the compensation they deserve for their injuries and financial losses. As members of both MASS (The Motor Accident Solicitors Society) and APIL (The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) we have the expertise to look after your claim. As well as getting you compensation our job is to get you back to normal as quickly as possible. We will work with rehabilitation specialists to sort things out and get you back in control of your life fast. We will also coordinate with your own insurance company to ensure the best outcome for you.

Our personal injury team is part of Penmans Solicitors LLP, a respected Warwickshire firm that has been helping people since 1926. If you've ever had to deal with a giant, impersonal "corporate" law firm, rest assured; you will have your claim dealt with by an individual specialist personal injury lawyer. We don't have a call centre. Each case is unique and you will receive specific advice on your claim from an experienced lawyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

1. "Why should I contact an Accident Solicitor?
Won't my vehicle insurance take care of everything?" Depending on your policy, your insurance will take care of getting your vehicle repaired. But if you've been injured, have lost wages or have other out-of-pocket expenses you may want to consult a specialist solicitor, and you have the right to consult a solicitor of your choice. Our team are specialists in making sure you get FULL COMPENSATION for your injuries and expenses.

2. "When you say 'No Win, No Fee', does that mean that I'll have to pay your fees out of my damages when I win?"
Changes to Regulations effective from 1st April 2013 mean that success fees on "No Win No Fee" agreements are no longer recoverable from the Defendants. We still guarantee that if you lose your case it will not cost you anything. We will have to charge you some of the costs if you win but we guarantee that it will never be more than 25% of your compensation and often it will be less. The good news though is that damages have been INCREASED to cover this. We will explain the changes to you in detail when we speak with you and you will know precisely the effect on you.

3. "My insurance company says I have to use a solicitor from their panel."
Some insurance companies will tell you that if you want to start a claim you'll have to use one of their panel solicitors. This is not true! You have an absolute right to choose your own solicitor!

4. "What is 'legal expenses insurance'?"
You may already have a legal expenses insurance policy as part of your home, car or motorbike insurance. This kind of insurance covers you if you lose your claim and the Court orders you to pay your opponent's legal costs. This is an important "safety net" to have. If you don't already have this kind of policy, we can discuss a "No Win, No Fee" agreement and arrange for you to be covered by a special legal expenses insurance policy to protect you, just in case.

5. "What happens if the other driver is uninsured, or if it was a hit and run?"
Don't despair! There are specialist organisations who handle these kind of claims. We are experienced in dealing with these claims and the groups that handle them but every case is different. Please call us - we'll be happy to give you all the details.

6. "What can I do if my husband was killed?"
Some accidents are more serious than others and, sadly, some lead to fatalities. We can help in these difficult circumstances. Information is often hard to come by and we will liaise with the police and attend the inquest as necessary to help you find out what happened. We are experienced in dealing with the losses arising from a fatal accident and understand the needs of the bereaved at this most difficult time.

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